The Best Information to Put on Your Retriever’s ID Tag

So, you want to spend the money to have a nice engraved plate put on your dog’s (or even your cat’s) collar, but not sure what you should have written on it—What should you do? Right off the bat, most people feel the need to put their pet’s name on the tag. In all reality, this may not be the best idea. If someone can read your pet’s name it may be easier for them to steal the pet (we have all had the pups that will come to anyone who calls their name sweetly). So, maybe leave that tid bit of information off of the tag.

One important thing you want to include on the ID plate is your name. Whoever might find your dog, should they get lost, will NEED to know who to get in touch with. Also, be sure to put a telephone number you can easily be reached at. Those two things are probably the most pertinent information to include on an ID tag. Also, if your pet has any type of specials needs or needs some kind of medication, etc. be sure to have that put on the plate.

If you want you can even put REWARD IF FOUND on the plate. This tends to give people a push to want to get the pet back to you as quickly as they can. However, do be ready to give someone a reward should they find your dog or cat. You can really put anything you want on a plate. Just remember it does cost money to include lots of info! Make sure that no matter what, you have your IMPORTANT contact information engraved on it. Make it as easy as possible for a person to get your favorite four legged friend back to you, and of course we all hope you never have the problem of losing your pet!