Does Your Dog Need Help with Basic Behavioral Problems?

So, we have all had these problems with our pets at some point, right? —jumping on people as they walk in the door, chasing cars, chewing our shoes, furniture, etc. Maybe you’ve even had problems with your dog grabbing food off of your plate when you turn your head or dragging out the garbage and shredding it?

If your dog has these kinds of behavioral issues, you may want to invest in a basic problem solving collar. There are many to choose from, including the Tritronics SPORT Basic and SportDOG SD 400. Do not confuse these with remote dog training collars. Remote dog training collars can be used to teach your dog to come, stay, and sit on command (among other things). They differ in the level of stimulation from one another. If you are looking to train your dog, check on a collar like the Innotek ADV 1000.

Also keep in mind that if you are trying to keep your dog from barking like crazy every time there is a little noise, you may need a no-bark collar. With a no-bark collar your dog will be given stimulation when there is unwanted barking (even when you aren’t there). With collars that are made to correct behavior problems or to train, you need to be present to give the reprimand or command.

We all like to think our dogs will mind us because they love us. The truth is, just like people, some dogs are just more spirited or hardheaded than others. In any event, one of these collars can give your dog the little boost they need to understand you mean business!